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Ensuring child health is an important and prime responsibility of every parent. Ayurveda has developed on the dual principles of health protection-disease prevention-wellness management and disease treatment. Sakalya Ayurveda Child Health Clinic’s inception concept also matches with this dual principle of Ayurveda.

Children with their low immune levels are always susceptible to a host of infections and diseases. The general paediatric approach is to treat these diseases whenever they happen. This approach further weakens the immune system and the vicious cycle continues on to make the child grow into an unhealthy drug dependent individual.

With an in depth understanding of child health and a different approach in the management of child health issues Sakalya Child Health Clinic has become the first choice of many parents who want to make sure their child’s future is healthy.

Child health is referred to as Koumarabhritya in Ayurveda which means a child health specialist is a child’s friend and care taker bound to monitor the child’s health and ensure a disease free healthy childhood. Childcare in Ayurveda begins long before the child’s birth. Prospective parents should purify their minds and bodies before conception, once conceived mental and physical health of the parents has to be maintained at the optimum levels.

Children are exposed to junk and fat food. Excessive consumption of such food coupled by limited activity of the kids, who are almost always couch potatoes, has led to early manifestation of morbid lifestyle diseases like diabetes, PCOS, obesity, joint issues, depression, asthma and many more. Reversing this unhealthy trend is the need of the day.

Month wise pregnancy regimen and pre natal care, if followed as per the Ayurveda principles, one can be assured of an uneventful pregnancy and a normal child birth. Neonatal care is also very important right from the moment of birth of the child. The child has to be closely observed and monitored at all stages and introduced into a healthy life style very early in life. All these and much more is done at Sakalya Ayurveda Child Health Clinic.

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