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Ayurveda Day- November 13

Updated: May 16, 2022

Ayurveda Day wishes to all !! #ayurvedaforcovid19

हिताहितम् सुखं दुखं अयुस्तस्यहिताहितम् | मानं च तछ यत्रोक्तं आयुर्वेदः स उच्यते || This shlok is from Charaka Samhita. In Sanskrit, ayur means an ancient system of life, and Veda means knowledge. So the knowledge of the happy, unhappy, healthy, and unhealthy state of life is called Ayurveda. Ayurveda explores the life and all its layers. Ayurveda has been arising in India for thousands of years.

As the world struggles to contain the Corona pandemic here we are commemorating another Ayurveda Day. Not surprisingly the 2020 theme is 'Ayurveda for Covid'..!! True knowledge has unparalleled power to move the mountains and question the faith of the mighty..!! Ayurvedic science is undoubtedly time-tested knowledge concentrated in the bellows of rigorous clinical practices over the centuries. Interestingly Ayurveda was a healthy culture. That revolutionized the Indian subcontinent and Mediterranean world and contributed to the development of healthcare system traditions in these societies. Apart from geographical influences on medicines used, the healthcare ideas revolved around several common themes in these parts of the world.

Invasion and disruption of cultures in these areas led to the rapid decline of indigenous medicine and with it, the health insights and valuable clinical observations acquired by the communities were neglected over time. Redeeming the lost faith in traditional healthcare wisdom was a herculean task. But backed by WHO(World Health Organisation) the premiere global health organization, traditional knowledge about health and medicinal effects were recognized and collective efforts were adopted to rejuvenate traditional medicine and exploit its immense potential. Even as the world stares at a pandemic of alarming proportions, in countries like China traditional medical systems worked hand-in-hand to conquer the emergency. This can be realized in India too. But it will require a determined, unbiased, and informed society in the forefront to demand a change in India's public health system. We care for Ayurveda. because we care for the health of humanity... Team Sakalya wishes everyone bountiful health on this Ayurveda day!

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