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Back Pain is one of the agonising and antagonising illnesses that affect the very day to day life. In most of the cases a conservative healthy management and a healthy lifestyle is the best possible management strategy for back pain

At Sakalya Ayurveda, which has evolved into being the first choice for Ayurveda treatment for back pain, with years of experience and deep study an effective treatment protocol has been developed and successfully implemented. The impetus is laid upon a multidisciplinary multispecialty management of back pain with Ayurveda therapies and medicines which focus on pain management, reducing the inflammation, repairing the structural damage wherever possible, slowing down the degeneration, strengthening the support muscles, managing weight, correcting nutrition, etc.

Posture and gait correction, life style counselling, Yoga, physiotherapy, Marma manipulation techniques and other supportive treatment methodologies are used wherever and whenever necessary. The experienced multidisciplinary medical panel is the final authority with regard to the treatment a measure which instils confidence in the patients and their families.

Back Pain and related pains like neck pain, leg pain, numbness, etc. are in many instances due to the misconception about the problem or due to lack of proper awareness. Hence patient and family education plays a very important role in back pain management. Awareness intelligent usage of gadgets, proper driving and logical use of body in the day to day activities can be crucial elements in the prevention or management of back pain.

The present lifestyle with minimum or no exposure the sun and the indiscriminate usage of air conditioning have contributed a lot to Vitamin D deficiency which might precipitate or aggravate back pain. This is one of the reasons for the high incidences of back pain in the so called white collared community.

Pregnancy followed by child birth and the demanding nursing period takes a heavy toll on a woman’s back. Prophylactic pre and post natal care for the back can negate the probability of back pain in women in later years especially following menopause. Traditional pregnancy and post natal care across civilizations had given importance to this element, which is being forgotten in the recent times.

To know more about back pain management and to know about lifestyle to prevent back pain you are welcome to visit to Sakalya Ayurveda to meet our doctors or mail to us at

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