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"Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Green Marvel Panikoorkka (Karpuravalli) During the Rainy Season"

Karpuravalli - Discover the secrets of this aromatic herb that transcends seasons and heals like magic.

In the heart of our gardens, amidst the monsoon showers, lies a treasure—a humble herb with extraordinary powers. Meet Karpuravalli, also known as Indian Borage. Its leaves, fleshy and aromatic, emit an oregano-like fragrance, captivating our senses. But there’s more to this unassuming herb that meets the eye.

As the rainy season approaches, the increased humidity and dampness often bring a rise in respiratory ailments like cough, cold and bronchitis. Karpuravalli, known for its strong aroma and medicinal properties, offers a simple and effective way to boost our respiratory health during the wet months.

Let's delve into its rich history , benefits and traditional uses.

Karpuravalli: The Herb of Many Names

Botanical Name: Plectranthus Amboinicus

Common Names:

English: Indian Borage, Mexican Mint, Indian Mint, Mexican Oregano, Spanish Thyme

Hindi: Patharchur, Patta Ajwain

Malayalam: Panikoorka

Kannada: Sambarballi, Doddapatre

Telugu: Vamu Aaku

Traditional Uses and Medicinal Magic

  • Cold and Cough Remedy:

Karpuravalli is our first line of defense against colds and coughs.

Its soothing properties ease respiratory discomfort in infants, babies, and adults.

  • Fever management:

Traditionally used for treating fevers, especially malaria fever.

A warm cup of Karpuravalli rasam provides comfort during monsoons.

  • Asthma relief:

Karpuravalli supports respiratory health, managing asthma and bronchitis by relaxing the bronchial muscles, making breathing easier.

Its natural properties are a boon during the rainy season.

  • Skin and Hair health and weight loss:

Regular application of its juice or paste can keep the skin clear and infection free.

Promotes hair growth and prevents grey hair.

Aids weight loss, enhancing overall well-being.

  • Digestive aid:

The rainy season often brings with it digestive woes including indigestion, bloating and several stomach infections. Timely use of this aromatic herb can be a boon for digestive health.

How does Karpooravalli help in boosting immunity?

  • Rich in antioxidants - the herb is rich in antioxidants which help in fighting free radicals and boosting overall immunity.

  • Anti tussive and expectorant - the presence of compounds like THYMOL and CARVACROL provides anti microbial properties which help in fighting infection and in turn boosts immunity.

  • Anti inflammatory- this magical herb helps in reducing inflammation thereby enhance immune function.

  • Anti bacterial and antifungal- its antifungal and antibacterial compounds inhibit the growth of fungi that can arise due to high humidity during rainy season whic in turn promotes faster healing.

  • Carminative and anti spasmodic - its gas relieving and anti spasmodic properties reduces the risk of stomach infections and other digestive woes that rainy season often brings along with it.

Culinary Adventures with Karpuravalli

  • Karpuravalli tea

Start your day with a cup of Karpuravalli tea.

Boil a few fresh leaves in water, strain and drink.

  • Bajji(pakora)

Dip Karpuravalli leaves in besan (gram flour) batter and deep-fry them.

Perfect for tea time during rainy evenings.

  • Karpooravalli rasam or soup or stew

A flavorful rasam made with Karpuravalli leaves.

Soothes the soul on gloomy days.

  • Doddapatre Tambuli(Karpooravalli Thayir Pachadi)

A no-cook summer special using Karpuravalli leaves.

Refreshing and nutritious.

Growing Karpooravalli at home

Easy to grow

Thrives in warm tropical climates.

Low-maintenance plant for balconies or terraces.

Harvest and Enjoy:

Pluck leaves as needed.

Savor the refreshing aroma in your culinary creations.

Home remedies

  • For intestinal worms: 10ml juice with hot water

  • For indigestion and improving appetite: fresh juice with ginger juice

  • For headache: paste of leaves can be applied on forehead

  • For eye inflammation: juice of leaves is applied on the orbit to relieve pain

  • For cough, cold and other respiratory conditions:

for infants : 5-6ml fresh juice with honey or as directed by physician

for adults: 10-15ml fresh juice with honey or as directed by physician

  • For diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome: fresh juice with decoction of kutaja

  • For insect bites: crushed leaves mixed in coconut oil can be applied

  • For fever: two tablespoons of fresh juice twice a day or as advised by physician

Karpuravalli, the green marvel, bridges tradition and modern wellness. Let its leaves whisper ancient secrets as you embrace its healing touch. 🌿

Remember, Karpuravalli is not just an herb; it’s a guardian of well-being, waiting to grace your home and heart. 🌱

Let this rainy season be a period of robust health and vitality and not a season of discomforts and ailments.

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