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Updated: May 16, 2022


The season of Dashapushpams has been auspiciously ushered in and it has entered the rejuvenative phase with the plants matured and ready to bloom. This is the time when they are herbally potent and are to be harvested in a systematically sustained way without disturbing the ecological balance ensured by these little creations of nature. The Bhringaraaja or Eclipta alba is the seventh among the ten auspicious rejuvenative purifying groups of herbs, the Dashapushpam.

The plant of the daisy and sunflower family is known popularly as the false daisy as its flower resembles that of a daisy. The juice of the crushed plant is jet black in color resembling the complexion of a king bee and hence is extensively used as a natural hair dye and a remedy for grey hair. Bhringa is a bee and Raja is king.

The multi-branched annual creeping herb with hairy stem and leaves grows on the fringes of tropical wet marshy lands and bears white small flowers. A potent rejuvenative, liver protective and hair colorant Bhringaraaja is capable of rejuvenating deep characters and sensory powers like memory, hair, teeth, bones, vision, and hearing. The plant which grows as a common weed in the marshy and wetlands is used as a snake poison antidote in countries like China and Brazil. It is called Markava, Bhringa, Bhringaara, Angaaraka, Kesharanjana, Kesharaja, and Mahaneela because of its hair colorant properties. It is called Sooryavarta and Pithrupriya because of its intimate relationship with the cycle of the sun.

Bhringaraaja, along with Neelini (indigo-Indigofera tinctoria) supported by henna, amla, sesame, and coconut complete the magical potion for general hair growth and nutrition. Bhringaraaja is known to enhance basal metabolic rate and liver metabolism.

These rare attributes make the herb a sure hepato-protective and blood purifier and hence is being used for centuries by Ayurveda physicians to treat catarrhal jaundice. Bhringaraaja, true to its name is always as busy as a bee trying to keep the house it enters in perfect order and working condition.

How to use Bhringaraja at home?

  • Mix fresh juice of Bhringaraaja with henna and apply it as a natural hair dye.

  • The paste of the plant is applied to reduce swellings of the lymph nodes occurring due to any infection.

  • Head massage with Bhringaraaja oil regularly helps in promoting hair health, quality, volume, and color.

Do welcome the king of the bees to your kitchen garden to keep you healthy and glowing with jet black shiny hair and a super active liver.

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