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The third among the Dashapushpams is Ipomoea sepiaria, commonly known as morning glory and closely related to around 500 plants of genus Ipomea, a common garden flower variety. The plant is called Lakshmana in Sanskrit and Thiruthali in Malayalam. Two varieties with flowers light yellow and light purple in colour are used as Thiruthali. The plant is a small climber and prefers a habitat near to marshy or wet areas. True to its name, Lakshmana protects you from all toxicities and very specifically arsenic, just the way, the legendary Ayodhyan prince by the same name protected his iconic brother Sri Rama.

Thiruthali, a trusted antidote to arsenic is also known for being a uterine tonic, aphrodisiac and diuretic also possessing ulcer prevention properties. It is also used in the treatment of constipation, burning sensation, strangury, general debility, diabetes, and infertility in women.

Apart from its specific action on arsenic poisoning Thiruthali is also very effective against pest poisons, insect and animal bites. It is used in the treatment of viper bites. The plant was probably included in the Dashapushpam to counter the dissolved arsenic and other chemicals in the polluted waters of the initial stages of monsoon and also considering the increase in number of rats and other pests during the season.

A few home remedies

  • Thiruthali is used as an ingredient in the special monsoon medicated porridge.

  • 150 ml of milk is boiled with 300 ml of water and 20 g f jaggery for 15 minutes and taken every evening reduces general debility and side effects of chemical intake.

  • The whole plant of Thiruthali along with Elicampane roots (Pushkaramoola-Inula racemosa) is boiled with milk and taken during the second month of pregnancy to prevent miscarriage and to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Thiruthali means the sacred ornament of the gods and hence is endowed with magical purifying powers. We are living in a world polluted to the hilt. Knowingly or unknowingly arsenic and other poisons do enter our body in various forms. Nature has given us Lakshmana, the formidable defence arsenal against these deadly poisons.

Thanking nature and acknowledging the efforts of the erstwhile Ayurveda exponents for their acumen in finding out the strengths of Thiruthali, let us enjoy this monsoon healthily inviting Dashapushpam into our lives and homes……

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