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KARKITAKA MUKKUDI SEVA-Medicated Buttermilk Custom

Sakalya Ayurveda is continuing with rare and useful Karkitakam customs which have a solid scientific background of health care. The Monsoon series by our Senior Consultant and Child Health Specialist Dr. Valsaladevi K about Karkitakam-Ayurveda-Karkitaka Chikitsa-Monsoon Regimen comes with the description of KARKITAKA MUKKUDI.

Mukkudi is a Kerala special medicinal preparation indigenous to Kerala Ayurveda. Herbs and medicinal powders are processed in buttermilk and given on empty stomach. Mukkudi preparations are a specialty of Kerala’s own clinical guide Chiktsamanjari. The preparation is the concoction of choice in digestive disorders of all kinds and is a cross between food and medicine, an example for diet therapy. Mukkudi’s cousin Thambli is a curry I the coastal and the high range regions of Karnataka. Many herbs are blended in buttermilk and seasoned with carminatives. Mukkudi has an identity of medicine which can be used as diet supplement while Thambli is identified as diet staple which can be used as medicine. Mukkudi Seva or consuming the preparation as a temple offering is a famous ritual in many temples across Kerala. Associating a healthy regimen with a religious custom to ensure its strict observance could have been the logic of our wise fore-parent generation. Though many Mukkudi preparations are consumed during the month the standard recipe is followed in many homes and temples. The herbs of Dashapushpam together or selectively, the leaves of Pathila and other monsoon herbs can be used to prepare Mukkudis.

The standard recipe for one person goes as


• Fresh juice of Muthil (Mandookaparni-Centella asiatica)-20 ml

• Fresh juice of Puliyaaral (Changeri- Oxalis corniculata)-20ml

• Kutakappalayari (Holarrhena antidysenterica seeds)-1g

• Kurumulaku (Maricha-Black Pepper-Piper nigrum)-1g

• Kothambalayari (Dhanyaka-Coriander seeds-Coriandrum sativum)-2g

• Ayamodakam (Ajamoda- Trachyspermum ammi)-2g

• Chukku (Shunti- Dry ginger Zingiber officianale)-2g

• Uluva (Methika-Trigonella foenum-graecum)-2g

• Manjal (Haridra-turmeic-Curcuma longa)-1g

• Rock salt: 2 pinches

• Butter milk (not sour) prepared from cow milk: 150 ml


• Blend both the cleaned and sorted whole herbs into a puree

• Powder the other ingredients into a fine powder

•Add the puree, the powders and salt into the buttermilk and mix well.

• The mixture has to be taken on empty stomach for one day in healthy people

• People with digestive problems can have this for a specific period as per doctor’s instructions

• The preparation can also be used on your pets and livestock, the dosage depending on their body weight Karkitakam has Mukkudi and many more healthy traditions to offer which needs revival and contemporization.

Team Sakalya Ayurveda is committed to do so through the Ayushkaameeyam Lifestyle Clinic. If you wish to know more you are welcome to walk in or mail us at

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