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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The cheers that sprang up from the hearts of the masses with the prediction of a timely normal monsoon soon were engulfed by the panicky fear and gloom brought by the deadly Nipah Virus that descended to cause havoc in the northern districts of Kerala.

The high death rate and the low remission was the reason for the mass agony and fury. It is the Nipah virus this monsoon; next year or later this year itself it can be something else like Dengue, Chikungunya, and so on. The thoughtless destruction, rampant deforestation, and irrational pollution of the environment and nature leading to climate change and loss of habitat for the wild fauna are a few of the many reasons for epidemics.

The mushrooming of the concrete jungles and the Frankenstein monster of non-bio-degradable hazardous waste including plastic that we are piling up all along the open stretches of land, water, and space has resulted in a pathetic alarming situation wherein the anticipation, expectation, and memory of monsoons bring in shivers and chills of fever fears of debilitating and deadly diseases caused by germs and borne by vectors.

The season that showers the elixir of life has been turned out into disease churning murky waters due to the indiscriminate assault on nature by humankind. Ayurveda had long before documented that disrespect towards nature and inharmonious existence with nature results in epidemic disease outbreaks and destruction of societies and civilizations. This has been termed Janapadodhwamsa which literally means the destruction of civilizations.

Monsoon with its continuous stream of heavenly downpour, the swaying trees and plants soaked in rain swaying with the breeze and wind of different intensities, and the joy of new life sprouting out of the wet earth used to be a heart-warming experience for the tropical people a few decades ago. Force shut indoors, the households used to assemble together for family games, chit chats with hot crunchy munches, and steaming hot herbal beverages. Monsoon evokes nostalgia for many.

To equip the society to enjoy a healthy monsoon with due regard and respect towards Nature Ayurveda doles out a few general tips for the preservation of health, prevention of monsoon diseases, and engulfing oneself in a protective shield of immunity against monsoon diseases:

  1. Keep the body warm and dry.

  2. Always bathe in warm herbal water and use warm water for all washes.

  3. Avoid wet clothes to keep away fungal infections and skin diseases.

  4. Wear loose dry cotton clothes.

  5. Always drink boiled herbal water.

  6. Always drink hot spiced herbal teas and beverages like tea prepared with Tulasi and ginger. Eat only warm light easily digestible, steamed food.

  7. Eat moderately.

  8. Avoid cool drinks, ice creams, and street food.

  9. Avoid sea foods, stale old food, refrigerated food, and deep-fried, junk food.

  10. Wash and peel the vegetables and fruits properly.

  11. Steam or cook the vegetables as soups, gruel, or semi-solid, liquid foods.

  12. Use plenty of ginger, garlic, turmeric, pepper, fenugreek, asafoetida, cumin, and other hot carminative spices in your daily diet.

  13. Food should be wholesome with the required quantity of quality carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals

  14. Avoid shellfish, red meat, deep water slow fish, and other heavy non-vegetarian food.

  15. Avoid excessive physical exertion.

  16. Go with Yoga.

  17. Keep your surroundings clean.

  18. Avoid mosquito bites.

  19. Fumigate the house and surroundings twice daily with Guggulu, Shallaki or Aparaajitha Choornam Maintain good personal hygiene. Wash hands often with Triphala Kashayam or Neem-Turmeric Kashayam

  20. Avoid day sleep.

  21. Avoid strong liquor and smoking.

  22. Take precautions to avoid drenching in rain.

  23. Practice daily massage with warm herbal oils or sesame oil at least twice a week.

  24. Take immune booster Ayurveda medicines as per the instructions of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.

  25. FOLLOW AYURVEDA VARSHACHARYA-THE MONSOON REGIMEN Practice Ayurveda, prevent Janapadodhwamsa respect Nature, and tune in harmoniously with the rhythm of Mother Earth to live healthily this monsoon and the days to come.

Get fit and set to go dashing into the rains to savor the blessings pouring down from the skies.

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