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Prasavaraksha-Post Natal Ayurveda Care

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Mother and baby care with love and tenderness

The Package is designed as 7 days basic care packages, 10 days rejuvenative care and 14 days restorative care. Customiised 28 days luxury care is also available.

A day of Prasavaraksha is inclusive of

· Accommodation: Standard Room

· All Meals for mother

· Nursing Care

· 24 Hour RMO Services


Ø Medicated full body oil massage for mother

Ø Special medicated hot water bath-Vedhkuli

Ø Special muscle and skin toning abdominal bandage

Ø Ayurveda face pack on alternate days

Ø Special Post Natal Diet prescribed by Ayurveda Post Natal Specialist Doctor

Ø Prescribed internal medicines

Ø Feeding Training and Counselling


Ø Special oil massage and medicated water bath by trained nurse

Ø Consultation by Ayurveda Child Health Specialist

Background: Nature has trustfully entrusted the responsibility of bearing and delivering the procreation on females so that life is carried through. Pregnancy, childbrth and lactation-feeding is a physiological stage of every mammal life of which humans are considered superior because of the erectness in posture and intelligence. Hence the human feminity has been privileged for sophisticated pre-conceptual, pregnancy, child birth and post-natal care since time immemorial. The special care during these stages is essential for the health of the procreator and the progeny. The care keeps the baby healthy and restores the mother’s health so that she is physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to lead a healthy life

Ayurveda pregnancy and post natal care was part of the traditional household wisdom guided by the learned Ayurveda Vaidyas. The regimen of external oil therapies, medicines, special diet, special medicated herbal bath and rest constituted a typical Post Natal Care regimen. The post natal care is usually the prerogative right and privilege of the parents of the pregnant woman. The care was intensive for the first four weeks followed by a nourishing four weeks and a rehabilitative period up to 90 days after which the mother and baby were ceremonially moved back to the married home of the woman.

Over the years the post natal care slowly slipped away from the grips of the qualified and learned Ayurveda scholars and was vested with the midwives and quacks who lacked the theoretical knowledge and diagnostic skills of a qualified physician. Logic lacked in pregnancy care. The methods persisted. The indiscriminate post natal care resulted in health problems for the mother and baby like UTIs, constipation, weight gain for the mother and abdominal colic for the baby.

The need of the hour is to restore the science of post natal care and integrate it with the traditional knowledge and skills that have passed down the ages. Today’s young mothers have demanding lives as family and career women. They need to be strong and balanced in all aspects. Sakalya Ayurveda has understood the need and has brought in SAKALYA AYURVEDA PRASAVARAKSHA for the benefit of women who bear, birth and nurse babies.

Sakalya Ayurveda always has voluntarily owned the role of answering the queries if any. Any queries and clarifications may please be directed to or +91-9388099009

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