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Well, we define a doctor as a good doctor if the doctors treats well and cures the illness of a patient.....if so by what name will you call a doctor who creates a situation for you and sees that no treatment is required for you at all??!! We call her our Valsala Chechi When someone used to lecture to us about 'Prevention is better than cure, we used to nod sarcastically like the Kittunni of Kilukkam saying and exhibiting an attitude of "kettittundu kettittundu ithokke kure kettittundu". It was Dr. Valsaladevi who upturned our understanding of health and taught the importance and benefits of PREVENTION..... We met and got close to our Valsala Chechi 6 7 years ago and since then we have completely stopped our habit of running to a doctor with just a feel of raised temperature. We have not used any antibiotics or allopathic medicines since 2011. I am not against modern medicine and do not claim that I will never be using them in my life. I clearly understand the importance of modern medicine in emergency situations and I do respect all pathies of medicine, be it allopathy or homeopathy

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