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Foot care during monsoon

Monsoon is setting foot from the Arabian Sea on to the southern tip of Kerala, ready to shower rains throughout India. This is the time for different microbial and fungal infections of the feet. Foot care is very important during the period. If you are a diabetic or if you are having any circulatory problems or skin problems you need to be extra careful. The torrential rains, flooding roads, the puddles, the filth and grime continuously torment the feet every rainy day.

The wet footwear, soaked socks and the compulsion of keeping the wet feet bundled within the damp heavy socks for the whole day creates a conducive environment for the microbes and fungal spores to grow and proliferate aided by the body warmth. Heals, spaces between the toes and corners of the toe nails are the sites where most of the monsoon foot issues happen. Few common foot problems during monsoon are:

  • Athlete’s foot

  • Itching of the sole and feet

  • Wrinkling of the skin

  • Fungal infections

  • Inflammation of the toe nail corners

Slippery walking areas and improperly fitting footwear contribute to accidental foot injuries like wounds, sprains and fractures which may sometimes prove critical.

Ayurveda General Foot Care Tips for Monsoon Ayurveda, being born in the land of monsoons, offer perfect protocols for keeping the feet healthy and managing the foot problems of monsoon.

  • Apply warm sesame oil on the feet every day before bath.

  • Avoid the areas affected with Athlete’s foot or any other skin tears.

  • Scrub the feet with pumice stone or a teakwood leaf or a foot scrubber.

  • Wipe the feet dry with special attention to toe spaces.

  • Wear snuggly fitting, non-slippery, easily drying open footwear.

  • Avoid full shoes.

  • Once you reach the workplace or any place where you may stay longer, wash the feet and wipe them dry.

  • Do not use the wet footwear.

  • Stay barefoot or use a different dry pair.

  • Once back home in the evening, wash both the footwear and the feet clean.

  • Brush off the grime that is stuck at the nail ends

  • Prepare a Kashayam of Triphala or Nalpamaram and neem leaves along with 3g each of purified red oxide (Gaireekam) and rock salt.

  • Apply Shatadhoutha or Jatyadi Ghritham on the feet and immerse the feet in luke warm Kashayam for 30 minutes. Wipe the feet dry.

  • Smoke the toe spaces with dried neem oil, frankincense and Guggulu for 10 minutes. This helps to destroy the microbes and fungal spores.

  • Walk barefoot within the house to improve the circulation and conduction of the feet and to keep the sole hard enough to take on the onslaught of monsoon Perform two rounds of Parshvakonasana to stretch the feet and legs.

Thus with Ayurveda let your feet be healthy during summer and battle ready to run the life marathon steadfast……Happy Monsoon

Dr Valsaladevi K Senior Ayurveda Consultant, Lifestyle and Child Health Clinic at AVVVS Kozhikode and Sakalya Ayurveda Kozhikode Ayurveda Centre The Gateway Hotel PT Usha Road Kozhikode-673032 Chief Operating Officer, Salakya Ayurveda Management Services Managing Trustee, CARDIA Trust Courtesy:-

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