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Updated: May 25, 2021

Part 2

The monsoon cold invariably progresses into chest congestion and upper respiratory tract infections. The mucus that gets secreted and accumulated in the passages and sinuses are a fertile ground for the breeding of microbes, which cause an infection and subsequent chain of fever complexities. Cough with expectoration, headaches, nasal blockages, post nasal drips, fatigue and general body aches are a few other prominent symptoms exhibited as the cold progresses.

To aid fast healing and recuperation by complimenting the medicines prescribed by the doctors here are a few home remedies.

  1. 5 grams of Pepper powder mixed with 5 ml each of Tulasi juice and Betel juice taken on empty stomach for 14 days liquefies the mucus and reduces the chest congestion.

  2. 5 ml each of burnt onion juice, ginger juice and honey taken during an episode of wheezing clears the airways and enables easy breathing.

  3. For dry cough especially in children, prepare an omelette with egg white of a country fowl (lean bird), rock salt and diced leaves or a teaspoon juice of Adathoda vasaka (adulsa or Malabar nut) and give it as breakfast.

  4. For toddlers with dry cough feed well cooked rice with one gram each of pepper and dry ginger powder and one teaspoon of melted cow ghee for lunch.

  5. Prepare milk tea with ginger, turmeric and long pepper and use it instead of regular beverages. Use jaggery for sweetening, if required.

  6. After brushing during the mornings and nights gargle with water boiled with curry leaves and rock salt.

  7. Prepare a paste of whole plant of Lilac tassle (Emilia sonchifolia) in salt water and apply on the throat and forehead to reduce tonsillitis and sore throat.

  8. Prepare three litres of drinking water with 5 grams each of crushed cloves and turmeric. Store it warm and use this water as a substitute for regular drinking water.

  9. Powder dry ginger and nutmeg along with crystal sugar and store in an airtight container. Slowly suck in a pinch of the powder whenever there is a throat irritation.

  10. Prepare porridge with broken rice or oats or broken wheat or any powdered millets by adding paste of ginger, garlic, rock salt, mustard, fenugreek, mint leaves and cilantro. Have this porridge warm for the main meal.

Education begins at home. Health is restored and bestowed by the kitchen. Let your kitchen be your temple of health this monsoon and the many more monsoons that are to come.

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