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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Headache is always a big headache to manage. The cold always is born with its twin, the headache. The splitting headache and heaviness further progresses on to the more intense heavy, extremely painful sinus headache as the rhinitis or cold progresses on to sinusitis. Cold induced headaches negatively affect the daily routine. To take pain killers and manage the headache is not a safe way to keep the headache at bay. Almost all the most common painkillers have drastic side effects.

In such a situation external applications that can be prepared at home and applied on the forehead give immediate relief from cold induced headaches. Apply your headache paste and rest on your couch for half an hour closing your eyes, switching off your televisions and cell phones. When you open your eyes after the relaxing thirty minutes you will feel the difference.

Here are the five simple recipes:

  1. Always store in your medicine cabinet, Rasnadi Choornam, an Ayurveda powder. Take one teaspoon of the powder in a bowl. Heat a lemon on fire piercing a knife or skewer through the lemon. After a while the lemon bursts open. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon into the bowl and mix well. The paste should not be either too thick or too dripping. Apply the paste on the forehead and rest. You will wake up with an ache free light head.

  2. Crush some shallots or onion into a paste. Add a pinch of salt and apply on the forehead. Take care of the eyes while applying and keep the eyes closed. Have a tissue handy to wipe the tears and nasal secretions if any. If your skin is sensitive, take care. Do a test patch today itself.

  3. In heavy head and sinusitis headache apply a paste of ginger juice and Rasnadi Choornam continuously for 7 days to get rid of the headache and clear the sinuses.

  4. In allergic rhinitis, inhale the smoke of the special medicated wick. Take a full roll of thick gauze and dip it in turmeric paste for an hour. Dry it in shade. Roll it into a medicated wick of 5 mm diameter and store it in your medicine cabinet. Light the tip of the wick and inhale the smoke when you or your dear ones are sneezing and are down with a stuffed nose. Apply a turmeric paste on the forehead after the smoke inhalation.

  5. In almost all the Ayurveda pharmacies you get a tablet called Karutha Vattu. Powder the tablet and mix it with Tulasi juice and apply on the forehead for all kinds of cold induced headaches.

Try any of these as per your needs and relieve yourself of getting relief from cold induced headache that is doing the rounds everywhere…….

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