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"ARIYAARU-Monsoon Series by Dr. Valsaladevi K continues....The six potent seeds of Health"

Sakalya Ayurveda is continuing with much more useful information by our Senior Consultant and Child Health Specialist Dr. Valsaladevi K about Karkitakam-Ayurveda-Karkitaka Chikitsa-Monsoon Regimen with a rare article on the details of ‘Ariyaaru’ an indispensable element in the preparation of Karkitaka Marunnu Kanji and also used for the annual medicinal detoxification recipe for mammalian livestock-the cattle, goats, dogs, cats, etc.

Ariyaru is a combination of six herbal seeds which have been used as a single preventive remedy for all common ailments by the farmer folk of Kerala.

The recipe for Karkitaka Kanji has to be added with 1 teaspoon of coarse powder of each of the following herbs:

Kutakappaalayari: Kutaja seeds: Holarrhena antidysenterica seeds: Easter tree seeds.

Good to prevent monsoon diarrhoea and dysentery

Kaarkokilari: Bakuchi seeds: Psoralea corylifolia seeds: Scurfy Pea seeds. Good to prevent monsoon skin infections and diseases

Cheruppunnayari: Jyotishmati seeds: Celastrus paniculatus seeds: Intellect tree seeds. Good to improve intellect and remove mental stagnation

Veezhaalari: Vidanga seeds: Embelia ribes seeds: False Pepper seeds. Good as an anthelmintic and to prevent intestinal parasite infestation

Elatthari: Ela seeds: Elattaria cardomum seeds: Cardomum seeds. Good to improve taste and clear respiratory tract and to improve voice

Kotthanpaalayari: Dhanyaka seeds: Coriandrum sativum seeds: Coriander seeds. Good to prevent fever and eye infections. The concoctors of this magical recipe have burnt a lot of midnight oil to ensure the recipe comes out as a fool proof defense mechanism against all possible monsoon infections which may debilitate the humankind during monsoons and the whole year ahead. The seeds need to be collected when the fruits mature during late winter. The collected seeds are to be cleaned and sun dried through summer and stored in airtight containers for use in Karkitakam. This seed combination can be used in various ways throughout the year as soups, herbal tea, garnish, seasoning and as masala in various recipes.

The Ariyaaru combination is very good for overall health management in children and is a part of few Ayurveda pediatric formulations.

Sakalya Ayurveda Child Health Clinic which functions between 2 and 5 pm on all Tuesday’s offers child health management programs, consultations, diet recipes and much more. For details you are welcome to call +91-9388099009 or mail

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