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Ayurveda and Throat Health

CoVid 19 virus SARS Cov 2 has affinity to mucus. Throat is gateway. Maintain throat health.

The whole world is united today in the fight against the aggressively spreading deadly pandemic CoVid 19 which has reached far and wide across all continents. The respiratory tract infection or infectious bronchitis which may fast progress into pneumonia is caused by a RNA virus by name Novel Corona/SARS Cov 2. Being a RNA virus it mutates rapidly. Anyone in the world may be a victim despite strict precautions. Raising the immunity, staying home and being healthy are the keys to keep Novel corona Virus away.

Ayurveda has a lot to offer in terms of raising the immunity. The virus is known to have a great affinity towards mucus. Throat is the storehouse for mucus. Hence maintaining throat health is very important in the CoVid 19 prevention strategy.

Here is a medicated drink recipe to keeping the throat healthy moist and warm.

Ingredients for one litre of medicated water:

  • Coriander Seeds Coarsely ground 2 table spoons

  • Dry Ginger Crushed 1 teaspoon

  • Black pepper crushed ½ teaspoon

  • Cinnamon ½ inch piece crushed

  • Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon

  • Tulasi/basil/mint/thyme leaves 10 Nos

  • Water 1 ½ litres

Method to concoct and use:

  • Boil the ingredients together on medium flame till the water reduces to one litre. Sip 200ml of water before going to bed daily.

  • The same may be diluted with 3 litres of water and substituted for drinking water.

This helps to keep the throat moist, mucus free and warm.

For more clarifications and suggestions please feel free to call us or mail us for detailed discussion with our Ayurveda doctor @ +91 9388099009/

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