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Karkitaka Special Pathila Thoran 10 Leaves Crunchy Veggie

A Few Monsoon Special Tempered Greens Pathila Thoran with Coconut Scrapings Garnish Kerala has a unique seasonal locovoristic culinary tradition. The seasons in Kerala are classified into four quarters of three months each that is being reflected in the four liner folk song Naadan Paattu as “Thaalum Thakarem Mummaasam Chakkem Maangem Mummaasam Chenem Koorkem Mummaasam Anganem Inganem Mummaasam” The song translates as

• Thaalu and thakara (colocasia and sickle senna leaves) for three months (monsoon-June-August)

• Jackfruits and mangoes for three months (summer-March-May)

• Yams and Chinese potatoes for three months (winter-Nov-Jan)

• The rest three months can be one’s choice this or that way (Mild weather months-February, September-October)

Thus the culinary tradition is woven in to the fabric of Kerala society. The Karkitakam special vegetable preparation of Pathila Thoran is one among them. The mature fresh leaves of 10 plants ranging from spreading to erect to climbing to creeping plants are taken and cooked in the healthiest way and eaten along with the staple food for at least 10 days in the month. The leaves that sprout with the late summer rains are ready to be harvested in Karkitakam. The health benefits of greens are a tell-tale to everyone. The Pathila is no exception. The uniqueness of this combination is that the indigenous intelligence has combined the platter so judiciously that the nutritional and immune boosting requirement of the body is completely met with.

The leaves of Pathila are

1. Thaalu-Coocasia taro

2. Thakara-Cassia tora-Sickle Senna

3. Thazhuthaama-Boerhhavia diffusa

4. Mathan-Yellow Pumpkin

5. Payar-Long Beans

6. Chena-Yam

7. Chembu-Colocasia

8. Pachacheera-Amaranth

9. Koval-Coccinea

10. Kodithoova-Indian Stinging Nettle

The leaves individually and collectively are treasures and sources of dietary fibre, carbohydrates, Vitamin A, C, E, B6, Minerals folate, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, manganese and copper. They maintain healthy cholesterol levels, good metabolism, alleviate constipation, promote urination, reduce swelling and pain, lower blood pressure, sharpen vision clarity, heal wounds and form scar tissue, repair damaged muscles, keep the bones, skin, and teeth maintain healthy nervous system.

They are used in the treatment of Fatigue, Nausea, Headache, Gastritis, Diabetes, Asthma, Rheumatism, Piles, Kidney disorders, Skin diseases and many other ailments. The platter of leaves prevent anaemia, kidney stones and cancer.

Having said so elaborately about the ten leaves we give a simple recipe on how to prepare a healthy tasty leafy crunchy dish with the leaves the trendy



1 Cleaned and sorted tender leaves of the mature plants of Pathila-100g each

2 Grated Coconut-1cup

3 Kanthari Mulaku (Bird Eye Chilli)- 4-5

4 Kaduku (Mustard)-1tsp

5 Raw Rice-1tsp

6 Turmeric Powder-1tsp

7 Salt to taste

8 Coconut or Sesame Oil 1tsp Standard Cooking


1 Wash and drain the leaves

2 Coarsely grind the chilies’ and coconut

3 Temper kaduku, raw rice and turmeric in oil

4 Add the washed laves and salt and cook on low heat. No water needed ?

5 After the leaves are cooked (5-7 Minutes)

6 Add the grated mixture and mix well

7 Serve with podiyari (broken red rice) or marunnu kanji (Karkitakanji special porridge)

Do try this healthy recipe in your healthy kitchen for your healthy happy family. Welcome to call us for any assistance. We are happy to offer you group herbal cooking classes through our consultancy services SAKALYA AYURVEDA MANAGEMENT SERVICES.

For more details please call +91-9388099009 or mail to or follow our social media pages or keep visiting our blog page on

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